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Buckle Up for Bodysuits


The bodysuit. Whether you love or hate it, it cannot be escaped. One day, Kim Kardashian is wearing it on a television show, and the next day you see it on every other girl at your local American Apparel.

Taking inspiration from the leotard, bodysuits came to the U.S. courtesy of Claire McCardell, a fashion designer, in the 1950s. The designers of the 50’s turned the garment into a athletic yet fashionable blouse or shirt for women.

It was immortalized in pop culture by Lynda Carter on the Wonder Woman television series of the 60’s and the Playboy Bunnies.

Bodysuits have come back into style for their sleek, high-fashion look with little effort. To explain, a bodysuit is a one-piece that fits tight to the body with snaps or buttons at crotch. Part of the advantage to a one-piece is preventing bunching and shifting under pants or skirts.

“They’re fine, but going to the bathroom seems like it would be an issue,” sophomore Bri Huston said.

While they may be trending, bodysuits are not for everyone. The inconvenience is an obstacle for many who want to try out this style but are worried about the practicality, especially during the school day.  

“I think they’re gross and they’re infant clothing for adults,” senior Brenna Keegan said. “They have the buttons and everything. I think it looks nice when people pull it off, but I wouldn’t buy it.”

While this craze will fade on Instagram and fashion platforms in the upcoming months, try it out at least once this season. Fashion isn’t meant to be comfortable.

Get the look with Discovery Clothing’s Crochet Trim Bodysuit ($9.99) or the Velvet Surplice Bodysuit ($19.99) and Ribbed Knit Lace-Back Bodysuit ($19.99) from Charlotte Russe. Dress them up or down with a denim jacket or bomber jacket this winter.

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