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Dec. Board Meeting: Superintendent Search and New HHS Courses


District 158 held its regular Board of Education meeting on Dec. 14, the biggest item being a series of interviews into several associations meant for selecting the 2018-2019 superintendent.

“There’s lots of good people out there, but not everybody is good in every setting,” Joseph Porto, a representative of the BWP & Associates firm, said. “What we try to do is find out exactly what you need and then we have a broad network of contacts and people that we can draw from and then we just really excel in making a match that Huntley needs.”

It is undecided which of the four firms presented will be chosen.

In other news, Orchestra (a class originally introduced to sixth graders) has been approved for the high-school level and is expected to be implemented for the 2018-2019 year. Various speech-related courses, such as Public Speaking and Advanced Communications, have been solidified as well.

The Board also approved the motion for a reorganization of the HHS grading layout: quarters will be removed in complete favor of semesters, in a decision meant to lessen some potential stress that comes to students. This will take effect next year.

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