Q/A with senior Julie Stout


S. Sharkey

Skylar Sharkey

Q: If your house was on fire, what item would you grab first? Why?

A: Probably my stuffed dog named Puppy. I had to have eye surgery because my tear ducts weren’t working. I got the stuffed dog after the surgery, so it has kind of stuck with me. It’s the most personal thing I have. You can get a new phone, you can get a new computer, but that was most personal.

Q: What quote/belief do you try and live by?

A: Always strive to exceed your best. Everyone can always improve, everyone can always do better, whether that be at school or work. That’s not a specific quote from someone, I’ve just said it to myself. You should try and better yourself as best you can.

Q: If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Why? Do you have a favorite superhero?

A: Controlling the four elements, like in “The Last Airbender.” Who doesn’t want to control fire? My favorite superhero is Doctor Strange: he got his powers from studying. He wasn’t born with his powers, or injected with steroids or anything.

Q: What would you consider your greatest achievement? Why?

A: I had to answer this question in college essays. During my freshman year, I was very quiet and closed-off. I wouldn’t join any clubs or anything. I went from very introverted my freshman year to my sophomore year being in a bunch of different clubs. I think that changed part of my personality: I became very outgoing and joined new things. I’m proud of that because being closed off doesn’t get you anywhere. You have to be willing to try new things.

Q: What did you dress up as for Halloween when you were a kid? 

A: In like fifth grade I dressed up as Pajama Girl. I dressed up in the most comfy thing I could think of which was pajamas and a robe. People actually asked “Are you pajama girl?”

Q: What’s your current favorite song? Music genre?

A:  I like KPOP (Korean Popular Music). I’m way too deep into that, it’s kind of a problem. In 2015 I started listening to it. It’s not just the songs, it’s the entire culture of Korea. It opened up my perspective to more than the United States, more than Huntley. I actually started teaching myself Korean and Chinese. That’s dedication! Now I can actually understand some of the songs.

Q: If you could travel to any country what would it be?

A: I like the architecture from Europe, so somewhere in Europe, maybe Greece.

Q: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Why?

A: Probably 30 minutes. I don’t know how to put on makeup, so I don’t wear any. I shower at night, so in the morning I just eat breakfast, brush my teeth, wash my face. It doesn’t take me too long.

Q: Do you follow/believe in horoscopes? Why?

A: No, it’s a self fulfilled prophecy kind of thing. You read about it, and then you start to conform yourself to that because you want it to come true.