Random Q/A with Josey Hackemack

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Random Q/A with Josey Hackemack

Skylar Sharkey

Q: What animal would be the worst to be trapped in a box with? Why?

A: I think the worst animal to be trapped in a box with would be a lion, because they could attack you at any time.

Q: What animal would be the best to be trapped in a box with? Why

A: Something nice. My favorite animal is an elephant and a sloth. A sloth! That’d be fun.

Q: If you could have any actress play you in the movie of your life, who would she be? Why?

A: Maybe Jennifer Lawrence. She gets into her role a lot. I loved her in the Hunger Games.

Q: What nicknames do you have? What are the stories behind them?

A: A lot of people call me Jose, Joseph, Jojo, or Josephine. They go along with my name, so I just kind of go with it. My closest friend and family call me that.

Q: What would your plan be in a zombie apocalypse?

A: Honestly I’d probably just hide. Maybe a store would be good because they have supplies and necessities.

Q: What’s your favorite memory? Why?

A: My favorite memory was probably going on a family vacation to Florida. We don’t have family down there, we just went for Disney and the beach. I really liked Universal, because they have more animated rides and roller coasters, and they have Harry Potter World, which is pretty cool. I went with my younger brother, and then my aunt, uncle, and cousin.

Q: What golden rule do you think everyone should live by?

A: I know this sounds cheesy, but treat others the way you want to be treated. You don’t want to be treated poorly by someone you’re really nice to. I try to follow that rule for the most part.

Q: What’s your favorite board game? Why?

A: Monopoly. It takes a long time, but it’s fun seeing where you can go and what places you can buy. I risk it while playing, but I don’t win a lot. I play with my family the most.

Q: When have you worked the hardest?

A: I’ve worked the hardest at gymnastics when I’m trying to get a new skill. I’ll continually go for it until I get it, but if I don’t I can always come back the next day and try again. The hardest skill I’ve tried to achieve is a flip lay. It’s a flip out, lay out, step back on beam. It takes a lot of mental confidence. You have to get over the fear of doing it.

Q: What pets do you have?

I have four pets. Two dogs, and two guinea pigs. The two dogs are Lucy and Daisy, and the guinea pigs are Buttons and Humphry. The guinea pigs are so small and cute, and they squeak a lot. My dogs are great because they’re good companions. I usually have to walk them because it’s my responsibility. One of the dogs, Lucy, is actually mine and the other dog, Daisy, is the family dog.

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