A Quiet Place


By miriamselimi

This past weekend, “A Quiet Place” came to theaters and awed audiences around the country. One reason why this movie is surprisingly popular is because of “The Office’s” John Krasinski, as he directed and starred in “A Quiet Place.” This movie is known as ‘the one where none of the characters talk, and there is no sound’.

First of all, this movie is not completely silent, obviously. The characters do communicate through sign language and talk at some points. There is also a good amount of screeching from alien monsters.

Yeah, alien monsters. At the very beginning of the movie, the audience is introduced to the idea that if someone makes a sound, they will be chased and killed by some alien monster (of course, we aren’t sure that it is an alien, but it sure does look like one) who hunts using sound.

Although the movie wasn’t exactly scary, there were some thrills and dramatic irony. Almost every small scene created some foreshadowing. For example, in one scene, the mother gets her dress stuck on a nail on the stairs. Multiple scenes later, she steps in the nail, drops a glass frame, and causes the monsters to chase after her. There were multiple scenes just like these.

Halfway through the movie, the audience is also introduced to the idea that if something is louder and you are quieter, then you are safe. Which totally makes sense, but it was just a plot hole to make the movie not as scary.

The main conflict in the movie was, surprisingly, not the monsters. In the beginning, a little boy dies because he makes a sound with a toy. The daughter feels guilty for giving him the toy and is convinced that her father (played by Krasinski) doesn’t love her any more. She causes almost all of the problems in this movie, which is a little annoying.

By the end of the movie, two of the characters have died and there are still alien monsters roaming around the area. In the end, the mother and daughter figure out they can kill the monsters with a shotgun and earpiece, but overall was not really climatic. In the beginning, there are alien monsters and in the end, there are still alien monsters.

In my opinion, I thought this movie received too much hype just because it was directed by Krasinski. Don’t get me wrong, it was directed well and the actors were fantastic, but the ending was a little disappointing. There was no real climax that was any different from the entire idea of the story. I expected more of a creative ending, but maybe after rewatching the movie, my opinion will change. Overall, I rate this movie a 7/10 and I recommend this movie only because everyone will be talking about it.