“Bohemian Rhapsody” portrays the beautiful, dark journey of “Queen”


From the official website of “Bohemian Rhapsody”

By Trevor Wolinsky

A picturesque depiction of the early struggles that faced “Queen,” “Bohemian Rhapsody” highlights the band’s success and struggles with constant celebration of their music throughout.

The film, directed by Bryan Singer, brings the viewer on a journey from the conception of the band to their journey into stardom. The film is also produced by former Queen manager Jim Beach. While the film is a collective “Queen” biopic, the movie mainly focuses on Freddie Mercury played by actor Rami Malek.

The film begins with Freddie Mercury watching the band “Smile” play in a small venue. The main vocalist of “Smile” quits the band and Freddie joins them, and then changes their name to “Queen.” The band consists of Freddie, Ben Hardy as the drummer Roger Taylor, Gwilym Lee as lead guitarist Brian May, and Joseph Mazzello as bass guitarist John Deacon.

The movie also focuses on Freddie Mercury’s struggle to find his true identity and sexuality. While he is watching the “Smile” concert, Freddie meets Mary Austin, his future long-time girlfriend, played by Lucy Boynton.

The film focuses on his struggles with Mary Austin, and his sexual affairs with Paul Prenter, his personal manager, played by Allen Leech. Also, in one of the most heartfelt moments of the movie, Freddie’s struggle with AIDS is highlighted. In an emotional scene Freddie discovers he has AIDS and decides to tell the band. Once he breaks it to the band, they are all brought to tears along with everyone in the audience.

The audience then continues down an emotional path as they watch Freddie slowly break. His constant parties and drug abuse lead to turmoil with the other members of the band, causing him to show up late to every practice and fighting which ultimately ends up in the band splitting up. The band then gets back together after a heartfelt apology from Freddie; the band considers themselves family and nothing can separate family in the end.

The climax taxes place at the Live Aid Concert. The Live Aid Concert was a fundraising benefit concert held in 1985 at the height of Queen’s popularity. It was supposed to raise $10 million for the starving in Africa and ended up raising $30 million. Several concerts were held simultaneously around the world but “Queen,” along with other superstars like David Bowie and “The Who,” played at Wembley Stadium in London.

In simple terms, the movie is phenomenal. Rami Malek gives an award-winning performance, capturing the true identity of Freddie Mercury.

The movie delivers an emotional roller coaster of struggle and perseverance that is truly moving. The Live Aid performance is sure to give everyone in the audience goosebumps. It’s no surprise that the movie earned a mammoth $18.4 million on opening night.

“Bohemian Rhapsody” appeals to those who enjoy rock and roll, “Queen,” or just people who just want to watch a masterfully crafted movie. The movie revives the legacy of Freddie Mercury and Queen while leaving the viewer begging for more.