Boys Bowling Triumphs Over Grayslake North


By Kyle Abruzzo

Huntley boys bowling defeats Grayslake North on Dec. 6.

Pins are falling, teams are cheering as Huntley and Grayslake North face off in this intense dual bowling meet. At 6-2, Huntley is coming into this meet facing 9-5 Grayslake North.

Down from 113 pins after game 1, Huntley stormed back with a commanding win by 163 pins.

Joe Kern with 561 pins and Jerik Alcasid with 553 pins helped lead Huntley into this amazing comeback victory. In total for Varsity, Huntley scored 2,732 pins while Grayslake North scored 2,560 pins.

A lot of team effort comes into the sport of bowling.

“It is getting the entire team together to be ready and prepared for every meet,” junior Kern said.

The Huntley boys bowling team never gave up and always put in their best effort.

“We have to make sure the bowlers put their best foot forward no matter what the circumstance is. If we are behind, we are still pushing and still trying to bowl the best that we can go. Also just not quitting on your team more than anything is a huge help,” coach Weigand said.

This team has had a lot of success on their season so far and they hope to continue what they have going.

“This year so far we are 7-2 in our one on one meets. We have taken either positions for individuals or for series at our invites showing we have done well this year, so I am anticipating more success and more accomplishments on a team level as well as on a personal level,” coach Weigand said.

Huntley has improved to 7-2 on the season hoping for more continuous success to come.

The Huntley boys bowling team will have their next meet against Belvidere on Dec. 12.