Finals: Essentially Just Added Stress


Olivia Mack, Doubletruck Editor

As the semester comes to an end and winter break is on its way, we are constantly reminded of finals. Finals in my opinion are useless.

Solely based on memorization skills, all it does is cause anxiety for most of the student population. It takes me forever to cram all of that information in my head all over again.

Especially for those who are not good test takers, this is not a convenient way for all students to know that they understand the information.

The pressure put on students to succeed in finals is terrible, which I know for sure stresses me out to the max.

Do not even get me started on how long the study guides are, seriously, some teachers hand them out all around the same exact time and they are due around the same time as well, which keeps me up at night, especially the week before.

I believe that in regards of the amount of homework the average high school student has in general is terrible, as we have lives outside of school, as well as other classes to study for and other priorities.

I know that a majority of my friends work, which keep them up late at night enough, and finals study guides just add more stress to our list of things to do for the night.

Do not get me wrong, I still believe we should show our knowledge of what we have learned throughout the semester, but perhaps in a different way other than just a stack of tests.

I personally am normally up till midnight on the days I have work because of the amount of work that is required of us for finals.

Some people would be better at creating a project of some sort, or maybe writing an essay, so a better solution to just taking a huge final would probably be allowing the student to have the freedom to choose what they are comfortable with more.

Not only would this be better for the students as well as less stressful, it would most likely boost averages for each final.

We can make changes within this as this is a problem and adds to the stress students deal with on a daily basis, and I honestly believe that it is not worth it compared to what we already have on our plates.