The Voice of Sam Moore

Jordyn Grist

Jordyn Grist
Moore performing as Sam Carmichael in Huntley High School’s production of Mamma Mia.

Ever since his childhood, senior Sam Moore has been attached to music. Be it a choir or an ensemble, an orchestra, or even a classic rock band, the aura music emanates draws Moore in–and it won’t let go.

Growing up in a musically-inclined family gave Moore his first push into the world of sound. With his mother as a choir director, how could he not grow up singing?

Heineman Middle School gave him an even greater opportunity to flourish: a chance to not only formally join a school choir, but to also dabble in the arts of band. In sixth grade, he selected percussion as his area of expertise, and has stuck with it ever since.

And his hard work has paid off. After arriving at Huntley High School, he promptly joined the marching band; for three years he was a drumline sub-section leader, and this year, he finally achieved his goal of becoming captain. He’s also a member of HHS’ highest level choir: Master Singers.

But Moore won’t stop. Even outside of class, if he isn’t practicing, he’s listening to various genres. Music provides a relief from the stress and anxiety of everyday happenings.

“I’ve been listening to a lot of modern band music as well. I feel like it helps encapsulate a lot of emotions I feel throughout a typical day,” Moore said.

Earlier in his high school career, Moore also accepted an invitation to act as a conductor and clinician for the Del Webb Honor Band. He was able to assist and provide advice to the elderly to help them improve upon their playing. He even conducted one of their performances.

He describes how this experience in particular helped shape his passion for pursuing a career as a choir director; he encourages other students to join a music program.

“Being apart of something that’s bigger than yourself and your own goals is absolutely amazing,” Moore said. “Putting your hardest effort in with your best friend, your section mates, and the entire band to create a beautiful, unified sound is one of the most amazing things we can do with our life.”

It’s easy to find Moore participating in plays and musicals as a part of HHS’ theatre program. And if you’re ever bored, stop by a choir or band concert.

“Music has such an amazing power to bring people together. It makes you feel just amazing things that usually you can’t even describe,” Moore said. “It has this incredible power to bring anyone and anything together. And that’s what attracts me the most.”