Breaking Bread Breaks from the Norm

By Mady Borst

I was in quite an ordinary setting, surrounded by red and gray walls, pleasant lighting, and the aroma of fresh goods.

I walked inside Breaking Bread, holding the same expectations as I do for every sit-in deli.

After taking a look at the menu and seeing mac n’ cheese bites and a vast variety of meals, I realized that this place was far from typical.

Breaking Bread Catering & Deli is located off of Northwest Highway in Crystal Lake. It is certainly a hidden gem, being part of an overlooked strip mall.

Once I arrived, the cashier immediately welcomed me and patiently waited as I looked over the menu.

I had difficulty deciding on what to order, due to all the options available. Breaking Bread also alters their food to customer specifications, so the possibilities were basically endless.

Just by looking at the menu, I could tell that Breaking Bread values customer satisfaction and different diet styles. The deli offers multiple vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Being the cheese-lover that I am, I decided to go with the Classic Cheeseburger and Mac n’ Cheese bites for the first meal. I also chose to give the Italian Grilled Cheese and Shoestring Fries a try.

In contrast with the wide amount of food possibilities, there was a limited amount of drinks to choose from.

Breaking Bread has fountain drinks, tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. I was surprised to find that the company does not make more creative drinks to go with their authentic meals.

After I finished my order with a fountain drink, I sat at a cool-gray marble table in the back of the deli.

Breaking Bread offers a comfortable seating selection. They provide many options, without the space being too cluttered.

Apart from that, the deli’s atmosphere is nothing out of the ordinary.

Chalkboards hang from the wall, covered with questions for children to answer.

This interactive decor makes the space kid-friendly, but not too stylistically immature.

After waiting only five minutes, both meals were brought to my table. I could tell the food was completely fresh by its vibrant look.

In a world where most eateries serve burgers, Breaking Bread’s Classic Cheeseburger stood out.

The ingredients had a wonderful balance, the meat was tender, and the butter bun had a slight crunch to it.

Though I enjoyed the breaded Mac n’ Cheese bites, the macaroni itself tasted like Kraft Mac & Cheese.

I feel like this side could be improved if Breaking Bread incorporates their own unique flavor.

The Italian Grilled Cheese succeeds at breaking away from the traditional grilled cheese sandwich. The Italian spices and crunchy bread were an excellent combination.

Pairing the grilled cheese with Shoestring Fries brought the meal together. These fries were like the upgraded version of McDonald’s fries. The difference is that Breaking Bread cut the grease and incorporated better ingredients.

With my bill being just under $20, I received a large amount of high quality food for an affordable price.

Overall, I was impressed by my experience at Breaking Bread and I plan to visit again. I believe the deli can further increase their success by adding more authentic drinks to the menu, such as smoothies and shakes.

Breaking Bread Catering & Deli is the unique eatery that has something for everyone.