What Is Up With Climate Change Denial?


The Midwest is experiencing temperatures as cold as -60 degrees Fahrenheit, and those who are not very educated on climate change will scream, “Look, it’s freezing, how could global warming be a thing!” To anyone who has done even a little bit of reading on the subject this is so incredibly dumb that they will probably get a migraine.

The wonderfully educated and extremely intelligent, Donald Trump, is one of those climate change skeptics. He is apparently unable to fathom how it can be so cold with all these claims of climate change going around, which is extremely humiliating.

I know, it is difficult to understand that climate and weather can mean two different things, they might as well be the same word, right?

Well, weather is entirely short-term, meaning that the use of a few bad storms as anecdotes to completely disprove all climate research is completely absurd. Climate is essentially the opposite, taking into account all patterns over a long period of time.

When looking at climate patterns over the last century, NASA has concluded that the average global temperature has increased by about 2 degrees Fahrenheit. This results in an increase in droughts, which increases the chance of wildfires, and the polar ice caps melting leads to an increase in sea levels, both of which destroy property and kill our wildlife.

Interestingly enough, the rising of global temperatures can lead to harsher winters, as pointed out by Scientific American.

“Warmer temperatures in the winter of 2006 caused Lake Erie to not freeze for the first time in its history. This actually led to increased snowfalls because more evaporating water from the lake was available for precipitation.”

With the hottest year on record continuing to rise every single year, it might be the time to stop allowing this anti-science, and really just anti-common sense rhetoric in politics, especially in the White House. It is about time we start calling out those are willingly ignorant to facts so we do not end up killing ourselves in the name of stupidity.