She does it again. Lady Gaga blows the media industry away by winning an Oscar for ‘A Star is Born’

By Riyana Walker

This year at the Oscars, a huge surprise came that shocked everybody: Gaga won an Oscar.

The award was given to the great success of the moving and thrilling film “A Star Is Born.” This film told the story of a love that was true and real and was brought together by music.

Over the course of her career, Gaga was doubted and always told ‘you can’t.’ When she was finally given the opportunity though in the Oscars, let everyone know in her acceptance speech “I can [do it], you can [do it], and never let anyone tell you ‘you can’t.’”

The fact that she was able to work on such a platform and work and show people that you can do whatever you put your mind to is truly inspiring.

With being someone who always had a kind of weird persona because of her unique dressing and performance choices, many people thought Gaga wasn’t good enough.

Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s movie did a tremendous job in bringing real life issues to the big screen. Usually, the story of a superstar’s success is clouded by all the rumors and fake stories the media wants you to believe. However, in this movie, the true story of how ‘a star is born’ is shared in a detailed masterpiece.

A prime example of an artist speaking the truth or bringing impact to the public was Mac Miller, a rapper admired by many.

He had a fan base that he reached out to and helped through greatly just by using his music. Miller recently died of an overdose, some may say that it was an accident, others say suicide.

But the real lesson that should come from all of this is that it’s okay not to be like everyone else.

This is one of the many themes portrayed throughout “A Star is Born.” Gaga had so many people in awe by her speech with artists like Jennifer Hudson who were touched by her words.

Cooper and Gaga then went on to perform one of the songs from the movie’s soundtrack that had the audience on their feet.

This film was definitely a necessary production, there is so much going on with people that we may not know, but in the end, love will always help. Although the end was not expected, I feel like it needed to happen also it didn’t leave any loose ends. That is something that people can give credit to.

If you have not watched the Oscars or seen little clips on line already, I truly do recommend watching it and experience the joy that all the nominees and winners felt.