Mental Health Blog


Olivia Mack

Hey everyone! I decided that with the stress of school lately, I wanted to start a mental health and spiritual improvement blog as a way to help other people that are going through some of the same struggles as me.

For this first blog post, I really wanted to start talking about being one with your chakra. I know it sounds crazy, but a family member the other day had recently brought this up to me and I decided to do some research on the topic. Now, I definitely am no sort of professional regarding this, but I thought it could be something new and different to bring about.

So bare with me. You have seven main chakras in your body, all of them are known to be different wheels of energy. They are known to correspond with the nerve endings in your spine. Each person has seven chakras, Muladhara, Svadhishthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna, and Sahasrara.

For this post I want to focus in on the Muladhara chakra. This chakra is based at the end of the spine, and symbolically it is represented by a red lotus with four petals surrounding it.

This chakra is the root for the other chakras in your body. It balances everything out. With an imbalance, it can alter your life. Problems such as anxiety disorders, fears, eating disorders and nightmares are all signs of an imbalance of this.

All of the chakras in your body need to be balanced out in order to provide stability in life. Problems are associated with a physical imbalance of this chakra.

To balance this chakra back out, yoga and meditation methods can help. Not only is yoga and meditation good for your physical and emotional health, it can help you with exercise. When our emotions are being blocked, the seven chakras of our body will be blocked too. When these chakras are blocked, they take the shape of different illnesses.

Balancing your chakras has shown that it can boost the body’s self esteem. It also has been known to help different forms of anxieties. The reason that I wanted to talk about this topic is because it has been known to help so many people learn things about their bodies and their true selves.

Something like exploring your chakras is not for everyone. Honestly though, it does not hurt to do some other research on this topic and to try helpful forms of meditation. I say give this a chance, it could help your body heal from stress.