Superhero Revolution: Marvel has its first female-led lead in outstanding film “Captain Marvel”

By Ayman Mirkhan

To be a hero. A lot of people do not truly understand the standards or requirements for an individual to be considered a hero, a result of this dilemma being the general public’s great interests in superheros.

They achieve everything we want and more, they are everything we aspire to be. Yet, there are still many who don’t feel represented by these iconic heroes because they just don’t seem to acknowledge the level of diversity of today’s society.

However, Marvel’s “Captain Marvel” seeks to change that with its first ever female-led superhero film.

“Captain Marvel” came out on March 8 and killed it in the box offices with a great fan turn out. Though many speculated the film would fail, the actual movie fit many fans’ expectations.

It is understandable that a superhero’s origin story can only be so interesting, but the unique mystery that was built up from the beginning of the film to the reveal in the end was a job well-done by the whole film production.

Lead actor Brie Larson truly nailed the performance as we saw an even balance of strife, humor, and empowering heroism flowing out of the character Carol Danvers(Captain Marvel).

The multiple instances of comedy can be a little much at times, but that is how every typical Disney film really is. The most interesting thing that the film produced was its new setting for upcoming heroes: outer space.

Though “Guardians of the Galaxy” set the foundation for this type of movie setting, “Captain Marvel” took this scenery to a whole new level with adding an internal character-conflict with Captain Marvel dealing with her life on a extraterrestrial planet while retracing her old life on Earth.

The plot for the film was very steady as well and did not have a boring moment. Fans were especially excited to the many ‘90s references the film made as the nostalgia of slow computers and Blockbuster enlightened everyone in the theater.  

The only critique I would have to make to the film was the main character’s transition to the Earth world. It seemed that Danvers assimilated to Earth’s culture pretty quickly with her already knowing ‘90s slang, pop culture, and fashion within a few minutes of her being on Earth.

One reason for this may have been to add on to the comedy throughout this film, but I felt this decision did not allow the character to develop as it should have. An alien-like being walking across a ‘90s America and learning this brand new culture while remembering past memories would have made a much more dynamic story.

All in all, “Captain Marvel” truly gave way to female superheroes in the Marvel universe and the character herself will probably play a big role in Marvel’s “Avengers: Endgame” which is supposed to come out April 26.