Changing Your Mindset


Olivia Mack

Being a teenager in this day in age is hard enough. So many stressors and other things incorporated into our lives can affect our mindset in life.

It is very important that we try and keep a positive mindset. I really want to cover how to go from a negative mindset to a positive mindset, it can truly turn your life around.

Meditation. Meditation and yoga have helped me add a sense of calmness in my life. Whenever life gets super stressful, I go do yoga and meditate. It just gives you a sense of peace, and allows me to clear my mind.

Exercise. Sometimes exercising for some people works better than meditation and yoga. Whatever works, exercising especially is known to alleviate stress.

Art. Creating art is something that is so incredibly important in my day to day life. It has endless types of art that you can create, and some of my favorite things to do with art is create henna tattoos on people. Painting and drawing have helped me through so much, I would just love to listen to my music, and just work on whatever I would want to work on for hours on end.

Listening to music. If you are going through a stressful time, it is totally okay to just take a break and listen to music. Sometimes a break is what your body needs.

All of these things can help contribute to changing your attitude from negative to positive. Having a positive mindset in life can honestly change you as a person. It changed me. I was going through so much stress, and then decided to change my outlook and things have been getting better. That is all you can really do, get better. The things on the list that I have made work for me, and they might not work for you, you just have to find what works.

Changing to a positive outlook has helped everything. From the way I am overall to my anxiety. It truly helps as long as you put forth the effort needed.