“Doctor Sleep”: A petrifying and emotional journey


credits to CNN.com

By Grace Carpenter

Danny finds his way back to the Overlook Hotel 40 years later, but before he enters the chilling place that constantly haunts him, he goes through a series of painful events. 

After the traumatic attempted murder Danny Torrence experiences when he was only five, he turns to alcohol and drugs to cope. He still has his “shining” powers, but he has locked them away in the back of his mind. These powers allow him to see things that have transpired in the past, and predict things that will happen in the future. In addition this “gift” also allows him to talk to others that bare these powers. 

Once he comes to the realization that he no longer wants to live in the bar scene as a heavy drinker, he moves to Frazier, New Hampshire.

While in New Hampshire, he starts to work with hospice patients and attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Here he leaves the substances behind him and receives his eight-year sobriety coin.

In hospice, he learns that he has a gift for helping patients feel relaxed when they are about to die. He speaks kindly to them about how the death will be peaceful and because of this talent, he earns the name “Doctor Sleep.”

Eventually, he meets a young girl named Abra who shares the same powers as him. Abra explains to Dan that she has been able to see visions from other individuals that are apart of a group called the True Knot.

The True Knot is a group of semi-immortal individuals that feed off “steam.” The “steam” comes from children with the “shining” powers when they are tortured to death. Abra asks for Dan’s help in finding this group, but the True Knot’s group leader, Rose the Hat, is already aware of Abra’s presence and the strength of her power.

The True Knot group starts the hunt for Abra. Dan and Abra challenge them with a game of tag. Throughout the journey of the kidnapping, lives are lost and heartbreak occurs, but the family-like relationship between Dan and Abra remains intact.

“Doctor Sleep” was an extremely engaging movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Even though the storyline differs greatly from the “The Shining,” the writers were able to tie in key elements of the original movie. 

“Doctor Sleep” is a must-see movie that leaves the audience speechless.