An intriguing new class begins with stitches

By Sara Gebka

Spools of yarn pile on top of each other as a few students huddle around Bridget Regan. She’s showing them how to begin a stitch, which consists of creating a loop and weaving the yarn around the knitting needles to create small sections called stitches. 

Regan created Knitting November to teach a small group of students the basics of knitting. She is eager to teach any willing students, no matter if they never handled knitting needles. She also enthusiastic to work with the pros who are able to knit with surprising speed.

“We couldn’t fit knitting into the regular curriculum or in Art Club because of the number of students. When teaching students how to knit, they need to get up close to see what to do. With a classroom-sized group of students huddling around you, there’s going to be a chance that someone won’t see me demonstrating and will struggle because of it,” Regan said. 

Some of the students, who had no idea how to start knitting, were able to learn the basics on Nov. 4. One of the students learned that the type of yarn they use will either help or hinder their knitting abilities. Another student was asking Regan how to finish off a piece that she was working on. 

Regan jumped back and forth between helping the beginners and advising the experienced knitters. She had learned to knit from her grandmother and, later on, her girl scout leader, Nancy. 

“My grandmother was an avid knitter when she began to teach me how to knit. The last thing that I received from her was a pair of red mittens that I still have,” Regan said. 

Regan’s grandmother knitted sweaters and little jumpers for Regan’s children. Later on, when Regan’s grandmother passed away, Regan began to improve her skills with the help of Nancy. 

“She kept the skill up for me. We focused on knitting, needle pointing, sewing; things like that,” Regan said. 

When asked if there will be any other classes like Knitting November, Regan was excited to announce that there might be a possibility to create mini-courses for each month. 

“I’m hoping that there’s a theme for each month, sort of like alliteration. December won’t be an option since everyone is busy at that time. Other than that, I’m confident that it might happen,” Regan said.

The mini-courses will last about three weeks and will occur on a specific day of the week.

As for Knitting November, the last meeting will be on Nov. 18. Regan is expecting a few students to join her to learn to knit a coaster. Regan will make an announcement about the monthly mini-courses and is excited for incoming students.