“Knives Out”: a thriller that will keep you guessing

By Sydney Novak

“Knives Out” is Rian Johnson’s 7th movie directing, labeled as a drama/thriller. Johnson’s film had well developed camera quality, from the emotions within the scene, array of colors, or the camera angles.

The film begins with the nurse Marta, played by Ana de Armas, who bring in coffee to her patient Harlan, played by Christopher Plummer. Only to find that Harlan had died in the attic, the family and Marta are then investigated by the world renowned detective Benoit Blanc, played by Daniel Craig. Before they found that Harlan died, they were celebrating Harlan’s 85th birthday.

While detective Blanc is investigating the family about their relationship towards Harlan, Blanc proceeds to ask what happened that night. The family then lies about what happened last night and about their encounters with Harlan before his death. We know this because the film shows us the truth of what they lied about. 

The only person who seems to tell the truth is Marta because she throws up whenever she lies. Throughout the movie, it seems as if everyone has a motive to kill Harlan except for Marta.

“Knives Out” had a well known cast from other films. It feels as if they did not know all of those actors because there was not a lot of character development. Also, they did not have a lot of lines, and they could have used less known actors within the film.

The film, categorized as a drama, did just that: there were elements of betrayal, excitement, and also unexpected situations. It had some elements of comedy within the production. For the thriller aspect of the film, it did not really meet the expectations of a thriller.

“Knives Out” certainly met the expectations of keeping the audience entertained. The ending will leave you pondering the possibilities of what could happen.