Teachers change the world


Courtesy of Abhi Sharma

Riyana Walker

Teachers truly change the world, I think so many people are so so busy trying to change huge problems and solving world peace that they miss out on the opportunity to spark change for the next generation and the generations to come 

Personally I think elementary teachers are the real heros and life changers, they work every day to mold and shape the minds of small children and at that age, a child’s brain is so absorbent and solely depends on the knowledge in which it receives. 

A strong trait that most elementary teachers possess is, the quality of sacrifice. It is so very  crucial and necessary to lead the way, if we want better, we have to be better and that starts with the youth. People hardly value their teachers enough. 

From babies to small children, the brain is constantly changing and developing, from birth to age three a child’s brain prepares them for speech and memorization. A child becomes who they are based on the people around them. Mark Van Doren once said, “The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” 

Being a teacher is being there every step of the way inspiring the minds of the youth and helping shape and mold them into better people. It makes for huge disappointment when people take the small things for granted. 

Just think when you know better you do better when you have the opportunity to teach kindness and to be kind it means way more to people than the amount of money you make and the job within itself it truly amazing. 

In my opinion, teaching the youth and focusing on their future is hands down so beneficial and as a highschool junior I can heavily attest to the fact that having relationships with my teachers has truly made me want to learn and grow my learning abilities. 

Just like all things in life people enjoy doing things that they are good at, so just like in school when you know something and truly understand what you  are doing then you enjoy doing it. The people around you are the people that keep your energy level and also the people who are going to be impactful in your life. 

The world is known for the little things and always making the small things count, but in reality we let so many of the small things go to waste. Without teachers, schools wouldn’t function and people would not learn and grow and with out people teaching people eventually the world would hit a stand still. 

We take for granted what we cannot understand, for example teachers are on of the most misunderstood professions. There is so much that goes into helping someone’s brain understands what you want it to. There are any strategic backgrounds and passageways that helps the brain to learn understand and grow.

Contrary to popular belief not everyone has what it takes to make a difference by sparking the minds of our youth. It takes a village yes that is true but it also takes an individual that is willing to go the extra mile to effect change and inspire thousands.