Huntley girls basketball beats the McHenry Warriors 46-37

By Riley Murphy

On Jan. 29, Huntley High School’s varsity girls basketball team began their routine stretches and warmups on the familiar Red Raider court. As they warmed up their muscles and practiced some drills, they prepared themselves for the upcoming game against the fierce McHenry Warriors. 

The game started with number 24 junior Kamsi Nwogu representing Huntley in the jump ball. From there, the girls remained steadfast. 

Number 35 junior Raquel Radermacher scored the first couple of points in the game taking two free throws and sinking both. Shortly after, both Nwogu and number three freshman Carley Faulkner followed up with multiple shots. 

Some consistently good players included Radermacher, Faulkner, and Nwogu as well as number 25 senior Anna Seng, number 15 freshman Jessica Ozzauto, and number one senior Sydney Novak. While all players were exceptionally good, these girls specifically showed they had what it took to take on McHenry. 

At the end of the second quarter, the score was 26-14 with Huntley in the lead and it seemed like the team had this game in the bag. However, during the second half of the game McHenry came out with a seemingly new energy that seemed to throw them off. 

“We had some chances there, but I was pleased with the way that we stepped up and knocked down free throws down the stretch,” coach Steve Raethz said. 

Even during the final stretch of the second half, the girls remained determined to win the game and their hard work ultimately paid off with a final score of 46-37. 

“I think [the game] went good. I think we didn’t come out that strong against Cary Grove and I think today that was like our main goal and we did and I don’t think McHenry was ready for us to come out like tough,” Radermacher said. 

While the wins are important with upcoming conference season, what really makes this year’s team special is the dedication the players have not only to the sport but to their teammates as well. 

“I feel like we all have like really good chemistry and like we all are just really unselfish. It’s like 15 for one and we all just play for each other and that’s for one goal and that’s to go as far as we can,” Racermacher said. 

With another win under their belt, the Red Raiders are ready to take on the next team that comes their way.