Should everyone practice social distancing?


Courtesy of Altus Air Force Base, photo by Tech. Sgt. Robert Sizelove

By Trevor Book

Even though many people do not like social distancing, everyone should practice it.

The coronavirus started in January, and according to WorldOmeter, there have been over 172k deaths in the world and over 2.5 million confirmed cases in 209 countries and territories. We can see these numbers growing throughout the nation. 

Now that we know what we are dealing with, let me tell you how it has spread to so many people. So, I have been doing Algebra 2 and one of the units was on exponential growth. Now you may be wondering, ‘why do I have to read about math right now?’ Exponential growth is one of the reasons why this virus is spreading so fast. If you go to the site linked here and scroll down to the GIF, you will see how it spreads exponentially. That is exactly what is happening right now because people are meeting up, hanging out, and not standing 6 feet apart. Now, if you continue to watch the GIF, you will also see a solution and funnily enough, it has to do with social distancing. 

Think about it, if we continue to practice, fewer people, by a month or two, will have this virus. Me, I have stayed in my house basically since we left Huntley which was on March 16. I am sure not getting anyone sick, nor am I getting sick. If you are like me and you just stay home at all times, that is good. If you do not, be careful, because you could be a carrier even though you do not show symptoms. According to World Health Organization officials on April 1, 25% of patients who had COVID-19 tested positive and showed no signs of symptoms. Therefore, you should continue to stay 6 feet apart because you can still be causing harm to other people.

Another reason to continue to practice social distancing is that this virus will most likely return, but if we all continue to practice social distancing, when it does return, it will not spread like a wildfire. Why? We are all safely 6 feet apart or more.

Now, you may be bored at home, but there are plenty of things you can do: study, play games, watch movies and shows, and spend time with your family. Do not let this pandemic ruin your grades, but also do not keep to yourself. Use Zoom or any type of electronics to hang out with friends or just talk. The most important thing to do is STAY SAFE and practice social distancing, because we will all get through this.

This is NOT the end of the world. STAY SAFE, SOCIAL DISTANCE, and continue to do your WORK for school.