Teacher Talk with Shandon Nixon

Courtesy of Shandon Nixon

Courtesy of Shandon Nixon

By Kayla Sweeney

The 2020 school year is different than any other. With not being in the building, staff and students do not get to connect like they would in a normal school year. It is just a screen; no saying ‘hi’ in the hallways or talking before, during, or after class. Nothing, besides emails and screens. Hopefully this Teacher Talk lets you get to know another member of the Huntley High School staff since we do not get the chance to be face to face. 

Shandon Nixon is a teaches American Diversity, Sociology, and Current Issues. He has taught at HHS for 18 years now.

Nixon grew up in a small town called Lacon, Illinois with a population of 2,100. He went to Mid County Junior Senior High School with a graduating class of 36. He then went to college at Western Illinois to get degrees in history and education, a secondary minor in psychology, and a masters in education and administration. 

While in college, he coached recreation teams and also became an Resident Advisor. This influenced his direction towards teaching. He had no idea what he wanted to do, so he tried five different majors before figuring out that teaching is his passion.

“I love that I love what I do. I enjoy the fact I enjoy my work,” Nixon said.

He feels lucky that after 18 years of teaching at HHS, he still loves what he does. Nixon chose to work at here because his wife worked in Crystal lake, Illinois. Before, he had worked at the Illinois Math and Science Academy for five years.

When Nixon’s day of work ends, he goes home to spend time with his wife and three children who are 9, 14, and 17 years old. He also saves time to walk his dog that is part retriever and part golden-doodle. His hobbies are coaching his 9-year-old kid’s softball team and varsity softball at Woodstock High School. Nixon enjoys watching football and baseball whenever he gets an opportunity.

His biggest adversity in life was losing his dad who passed away at 63 years old. He lost and misses their close relationship.

Mr. Nixon is an awesome teacher at HHS who truly loves what he does. Thanks for reading this Teacher Talk!