Coffee talk

Courtsey of Nichole B Pinterest

Courtsey of Nichole B Pinterest

Grace Helzer

If you have been on Tik Tok recently, you have seen the new rage: the Tik Tok Starbucks coffee. If you are not familiar with this, the drink is a white mocha coffee with sweet cream and extra caramel drizzle. The minute videos of this seemingly delicious coffee filled my “for you page,” I had to go out and get it, so I did. 

As I waited in line, I rehearsed my order in my head. I will admit, it was a handful to say due to the numerous added ingredients, but I had no problem with it; little did I know how much these additional ingredients were going to cost. After rambling off my order, the barista gave me a soft smile as if she was used to teenage girls coming to get the Tik Tok famous drink. 

“Perfect, your total for today is going to come to $7.72,” she said. 

My face dropped. Almost eight dollars for a coffee!! I mean I did get a venti, but that’s besides the point. Of course I paid the lady with grace and made some small talk, but inside my expectations for this drink skyrocketed. If I am going to be spending nearly eight dollars for a drink, it better be out of this world. 

A few short minutes passed before my name was called. 

“Order for Grace,” said the barista.

I smiled, grabbed my drink, and headed back to my car. When I got back to my car, I ranted a little bit to my sister about the absurd price for a coffee. Of course, she agreed with me. 

“This drink better be crazy good,” she said. 

Agreeing, I put my phone down, and raised the lid to my lips. The second the creamy liquid touched my tongue, I felt a soft smile appear on my face. The drink had a balance of sweetness, not too sweet but sweet enough, and cream, not too creamy but creamy enough, making it taste as if I was drinking a cloud. It tasted like whipped cream mixed with coffee, in the best way possible. 

However, the coffee taste seemed to be engulfed by the creaminess of the drink. To give you a reference, the drink tasted similar to a frappuccino, but better in a sense.  

I would recommend this drink to those of you that enjoy sweet drinks and don’t really like the taste of coffee. This white mocha coffee was fantastic, I really enjoyed it. To be honest, I finished it within minutes of ordering. Even though this drink was a bit pricey, I genuinely enjoyed this delicious coffee and would recommend it to others!