Boys volleyball fights heard against Mundelein


By Brenden Boyle, Staff Writer

On Friday, May 21, the Huntley High School boys varsity volleyball team played against Mundelein in a tough match. Despite breaking their loss streak with a victory against Larkin a few days beforehand, the boys kept their feet on the gas throughout the entire match. Huntley came into this match with a 5-9 record so far, with Mundelein having a 7-2 record.

The cheers and screams of the crowd rumble the gymnasium as Huntley storms the court, getting ready for warmups. The team practices their strikes, bumps, and sets, as the opposing team takes their side of the court. 

“This is a very important game,” junior Tyler Killian said. “Especially going up against a team with a strong record.”

After both teams warmed up, the whistles were blown and the teams headed back to their benches to have a pre-game huddle. Huntley crowded around their coach, Coach Marchand. From there they discussed their lineup, and also some of the key strategies they were planning to use.

From there, the starting lineups from both teams headed onto the court, and the game began. Sets after sets, serves after serves, bumps after bumps, the teams were going back and forth on the court. Huntley came out strong, but unfortunately had a heartbreaking defeat to Mundelein, losing 2-1 in the sets.

“We fought hard, but sometimes you lose. I feel like we gave it our all today,” Killian said.

Huntley now stands with a 5-10 record, and will face off against Bartlett on Monday.