Huntley High School’s coffee shop brings new opportunities


A look at the brand new coffee shop implemented in HHS’s Commons area. (F. Brady)

By Fiona Brady

As thousands of students roam the halls of Huntley High School each day, they pass by the small corner of what used to be a part of the Commons area but is now transformed into the newly constructed coffee shop. This unfamiliar construction is soon to be bustling with a flurry of activity where students will be able to purchase smoothies, snacks, and of course, coffee. 

According to Associate Principal Tom Kempf, it will be about 2 to 3 weeks before a soft opening, where the minor business will be going through the shop. A few things regarding the face of the coffee shop are in delay and consideration, for example, the menu boards and signage, as well as the name of the shop. Additionally, the hours it is expected to run will be from 6:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., overlapping the beginning and end of the school day to give students and faculty a little more time to visit the new shop. 

“They did talk about, you know, partnering with groups like FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)…and other business classes. And really, at some point down the line, hopefully, have some either part-time hours or some internship hours,” Kempf said.

An interesting element of the new coffee shop is the opportunity for students to gain an internship-type experience within it. Initially, the coffee shop will be staffed with a representative from Quest Foods who will be the main driver of the project and will train the subsequent staff, similar to the cafeteria workers. In the future, it is the hope that students can become involved with running the shop as well. 

“It’s a really cool thing because students can have some income, and just get job experience, but in kind of a lower-stakes setting,” choir teacher Alexandria Taxon said.

Taxon is one of the faculty members who plans on buying food and drinks from the coffee shop and is looking forward to seeing what unique options the coffee shop will offer compared to the food sold in the cafeteria. 

Similarly, senior Zach Leitzke is interested in how this new coffee shop will operate and run in comparison to popular coffee shops such as Starbucks and Dunkin’.

“I do think I would buy food, just to see how the experience is and how it differs from coffee chains…and just how efficient and convenient it is, especially throughout my school day,” Leitzke said.

Students and faculty will be able to purchase items from the shop with the swipe of their ID, just as they do in the cafeteria line. A new addition to the transactions could possibly include the ability to use credit and debit cards to purchase food and drinks.

“Knowing that we’re trying to modernize this whole area a little bit, that’s going to be a piece that comes along with it,” Kempf said.

This new coffee shop is a great way to increase involvement within the school community, and could even save students and faculty a trip to the nearest coffee chain before or during the school day. With students and faculty alike eagerly anticipating its opening, the shop is sure to bring together a sense of excitement and convenience for the community to enjoy.