The unsanitary ways of the agenda book pass


Courtesy of Grace Helzer

By Grace Helzer

Recently there has been a change in Huntley High School. There has been a transition from the use of paper slips as hallway and bathroom passes, to the use of agenda books; books that are brought home and into the bedrooms of the majority of the student population. 

Students have recently expressed their dissatisfaction with this change. Concerns about the transfer of viruses and fecal contamination onto their frequently used agenda books has been vocalized.

HHS junior, Ronni Fieds, has expressed concern in regard to this change.

“I feel like it would be better to take like a piece of paper, something that we could throw away because a lot of people use their agendas, so we don’t want to write in them after bringing them to the bathroom,” Fieds said. 

No one wants to bring home an agenda book, a book that just traveled into the bathroom with them, and continuously use it. 

Junior Molly Allen has also expressed her concerns in regard to the use of agenda passes as hallway and bathroom slips. 

“It’s nasty,” Allen said. “A disposable pass, like a sticky note, should be used as an alternative to the agenda passes.”

Not only is the use of agenda books as passes disgusting, but it is easily reversible. 

HHS should return to the use of the much more efficient paper slips that were used in previous years, not only because it is easier, but it is much more sanitary.

Senior Nate Ary is also disgusted with the use of agenda books as bathroom passes. 

“The use of agenda books as bathroom slips is extremely unsanitary,” Ary said. “I don’t even want to use my agenda book any more.” 

Overall, we must reverse the use of agenda books as hallway passes due to the recent concerns about the transfer of viruses and fecal contamination onto students frequently used agenda books.