Huntley Voice EICs Lose at Jeopardy | Photo Editors Suck Podcast #03

By Jacob Habel, Syed Hashmi, and Alexis Cobb

Welcome to the Photo Editors Suck podcast. We’re the photo editors for the Huntley Voice and we’re producing a weekly podcast where we react and talk about things, gameshows, guest speakers, and more!

Day 1 of PESMAS

In this episode, we’re talking with the Editors in Chief of the Huntley Voice! We talked with Ellie Armstrong, Kate Alvarado, and Amelia Pozniak. We discussed over the finals that we had recently, Amelia recovering from COVID-19, jumped right into 5 second rule, Jeopardy, favorite and non favorite Christmas movies, and more!

Featuring Jake Habel, Alexis Cobb, and Syed Hashmi.

HUGE SHOUTOUT: Logan Young & Andrew Spaid


0:00 – Intro
1:51 – Finals
7:42 – 5 Second Rule
18:35 – Deep Dive Gram
32:45 – Jeopardy
58:09 – Favorite / Worst Christmas Movies
1:11:27 – Pinky or Pointer