ABC Countdown

The senior’s ABC countdown makes a comeback.

By Brittney Burak

On Tuesday, April 6, seniors walk the halls dressed as their favorite teachers. The following day, seniors are carrying their school supplies in ‘anything but a backpack’ ranging from baskets to wheelbarrows. The next day, they are decked out in their best country vs country club attire. 

Since the final days of the school year are approaching for seniors, senior class representative, Mira Terranova, decided to bring back the ABC countdown tradition since it was suspended during COVID-19. 

“I just heard a lot of people talking about how they really wanted the countdown this year, so I just reached out to one of my advisors,” Terranova said. “I feel like it gives me something to look forward to in the morning, thinking of a fun outfit to plan.” With approval from advisors and help from her friends, the theme days were introduced to the seniors.

Students have participated in themes such as disco day, Jungle day, hoedown, and independence day. Many of the seniors agree that the countdown gives them something to look forward to and that it is a great way to wrap up their time at Huntley High School.

“It makes the end of the year more fun because it makes the days go by faster and I think the seniors look forward to going to school instead of having senioritis,” senior Zoe Doherty said. “It’s also fun because you get a last hurrah as a senior.” Her favorite theme day so far was bring anything but a backpack day, where she carried her school materials around in a box. 

Although it has been noticed that some of the days are lacking participation, the theme days are still bringing the seniors closer together before they graduate.

“I think [having the theme days] makes us more unified,” senior Olivia Kosiak said. She is most looking forward to senior citizen theme day. 

“I think that so far it’s been really fun and I haven’t really heard anything negative about it,” Terranova said

Afterall, who wouldn’t want to spend their last days at Huntley High School wearing their creative theme day outfits?