Girls varsity tennis maintain their high winning percentage through teamwork and dedication

The girls varsity tennis team racks up another win, making it 17-1 for them on the season.


K. Walsh

As the season comes to an end, the Huntley varsity tennis girls gather and celebrate their anticipation and accomplishments before the match begins.

By Irene Banerjee

Circled together in front of the tennis courts, the girls lean in and laugh as they begin their pre-game ritual. The sun shines on their backs and the cool breeze provides relief from the warm weather. Huddled up with all of their rackets touching, the girls count to the number three and quickly follow with a loud cheer: “GO RAIDERS!”

The sunny and breezy weather on Thursday, Sept. 29, set the ideal conditions for Huntley’s varsity girls tennis team, as they won against Crystal Lake South with a score of 7-0.

Prior to the match, the players all give each other pep talks and positive affirmations in order to bring up their spirits and ensure they are relaxed and ready to play. The positivity that these girls reinforce creates a safe and reassuring environment, where they know they will have the support they need.

“[The most important aspect of being on the team is] just like building a friendship, and like staying strong together as a team and making sure that you invite the new players,” senior Emily Chong said. 

Chong and sophomore Delaney Stock, one of the top doubles pairs in the Fox Valley Conference, had a clean win against their opponents during one of the quickest matches of the evening.

Throughout the match, Chong and Stock were constantly synchronized with each other’s movements. Every so often, they swiftly touched rackets in accomplishment when switching starting positions on the court.

“I got it!” says Chong to Stock during the match, as she uses all her energy to ace the opponent. The strong endurance and dynamic between the girls is seen while they move and act as if they are one player. 

“We just practiced with each other at practice,” Stock said. “And during the games, we just verbalize what we’re going to do.”

Once this dynamic duo defeated CLS players, Emma Moore and Nevan Sanders, Chong and Stock grabbed their bags and the scoreboard and walked off the courts with a sense of relief and triumph. The tension of the match was over, making both girls elated.

Sophomore Carlie Weishaar and senior Nora Stevenson also remain another undefeated duo during the 2022-23 season. They won both sets against Maia Peterson and Elaina Rankin, with the scores being 6-1 and 6-0.

“I like [playing doubles] because it’s more of a team aspect and you’re not by yourself,” Weishaar said. “When I’m by myself, I tend to get in my head a lot.” 

Team bonding, strong relationships, and making sure they have a tension free environment are crucial for the tennis players, as it encourages them to keep pursuing the sport but does not let them feel discouraged if they are not doing their best.

“They’re just a really positive group… they have fun, and they enjoy playing tennis,” tennis coach Barry Wells said. “I’m very lucky to have the opportunity to coach them.” 

The Huntley varsity girls tennis team holds a remarkable record of 17-1, which is the best it has ever been. Following the match, they are now reigning Fox Valley Conference champions for three straight seasons. The skill, dedication, and bonding of this team have resulted in many accomplishments and hold a legacy of its own.

“It’s rewarding. Especially during conference to know that you’re still number one, especially since we had to hold that title for the past three years,” Chong said. “It’s just like, rewarding to know that you’re still the best.”