Senior schedules: too little or too much?

Seniors try to find the balance between taking it easy and challenging themselves.


K. Perkowski

A senior stays up late completing homework for one of their classes.

By Karolina Perkowski

It is finally time for the Class of 2023 to be seniors! How exciting and nerve-wracking is that? Normally, high school students look forward to their senior year because it is said to be the easiest school year. 

That isn’t the case for all seniors. As juniors, students are picking their classes for the following year, preparing for their last year of high school before college. Some students decided to take advantage of play by selecting easy classes and enjoying their last year as high school students while others pick challenging and work filled classes.

“It’s been stressful, especially with colleges, but I’ve been pretty good with balancing everything,” senior Ben Hein said. 

Most seniors aren’t only worrying about their school work, there are so many other distractions that are seen as priorities. A big focus is college applications and part-time jobs. 

Huntley High School offers great opportunities, such as allowing students to enroll in blended classes. It gives students the flexibility to work on their classwork on their own time.

“This is the most blended class I’ve ever taken, so it gives me a lot more flexibility in my schedule, but it’s still not as much as other kids,” Hein said. “I hear my friends saying they come to school for two periods.”

School can be stressful for seniors, as it’s the last year of high school and not exactly what everyone may think it will be. 

“I thought senior year was supposed to be this fun and open year, and it has been the complete total opposite of that,” senior Madeline Pomis said. 

The last year of high school is different for all students, depending on the classes they choose. 

“I have definitely been getting the most work from my Dual Credit English class,” Pomis said. “I understand that it is a college class but it is extremely rigorous and I feel like sometimes the workload versus the time we have is a little unfair.”

All classes have different workloads, taking AP classes or Dual Credit, it is expected to have tons of work to take home to do. 

Taking a turn on busy and packed schedules, some seniors decided to have an easier and laid-back school year. Students want to come home and not have to worry about spending most of their time working on the homework they received in class. Time management is a big factor in getting work done if high school students have activities or jobs outside of school. 

“I don’t get that much class work, it’s more just having to stay focused,” senior Timmy Melendez said. 

Some kids want the least amount of classes in their senior year because they have enough credits to have a light schedule, but they also want to experience their last year of school instead of graduating early.

“I want to make my last year of school memorable before college,” Melendez said. “ I want it to be a good experience.”