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Weekly workout: Episode 2

Join staffer Ethan Horton as he talks about David Goggins’ Weightlifting Routine!

Retired Navy SEAL and ultramarathon runner David Goggins is renowned for his formidable mindset and unwavering work ethic across all aspects of his life. His athletic achievements are highlighted by an impressive portfolio of over 60 ultramarathons and holding the world record for the most pull-ups performed in 24 hours, surpassing 4,000 pull-ups. Goggins attributes his success to his “iron mind,” leveraging life difficulties to gain a competitive edge and push his limits beyond perceived boundaries.  

Before becoming a seasoned athlete, Goggins faced significant obstacles. To qualify for the Navy, he needed to shed over 100 pounds. Achieving this goal, Goggins adopted an intense workout routine, incorporating core exercises, cardio, and weight training. His cardio routine is divided into five sections, starting with a 10-15 mile run, followed by a 25-mile bike ride. At lunchtime, he adds a 5-8 mile run, followed by another 25-mile bike ride and a concluding 5-mile run after work. Goggins, known to exceed these distances in preparation for ultramarathons, embraces the intensity to maintain peak performance.

Goggins integrates a core routine into his regimen, featuring four exercises with an average of three sets per exercise. His core workout includes Swiss Ball obliques for 2 sets of 25, Russian sit-ups for 4 sets of 10, v-ups for 3 sets of 10, and broomstick obliques for 3 sets of 10. This core routine enhances his body’s strength, particularly the obliques, reducing the risk of injury during extensive runs.

Additionally, Goggins incorporates a straightforward yet effective bodyweight and weight training routine into his regimen. Beginning with deadlifts for 3 sets of 10 to target the lower back and hamstrings, he proceeds to lat pulldowns for 3 sets of 5, squats for 5 sets of 5, lunges for 3 sets of 12, and concludes with push-ups for 5 sets of 25. While Goggins previously employed more complex movements for targeted muscle groups, this routine serves as a comprehensive full-body workout that requires minimal equipment and expertise.

In summary, David Goggins’ workout routine is not exclusive to experts but can be easily adapted to various skill levels. The cardio aspect can be replicated and modified for individuals interested in competitive running, while the weight training routine provides an excellent foundation for a basic full-body workout.

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Ethan Horton
Ethan Horton, Staff Writer
Ethan Horton is a staff writer, it is his first year on staff. In his free time, Ethan likes to read and go to the gym.

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