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Gators take the win against the Raiders

Boys varsity basketball loses to Crystal Lake South.
S. Wilson
Boys varsity basketball players prepare for the tip off.

Fans are on the edge of their seats as the band plays various songs while Huntley and Crystal Lake South are warming up in the stuffy gym. 

No one was prepared for the game that was about to take place. 

The first period of the game started strong with a tie of 2-2, but both teams were still going strong. Still in the first period with less than 3 minutes left on the clock, Huntley was down 12-6. 

During the second period, the points kept rolling in and both teams made a close game.

“The team played well,” sophomore Allie Greco said. “It was a very close game with a lot of action happening.” 

The third period was where most of the action happened. Huntley and South kept exchanging points one at a time, tugging at fans’ hearts as they watched at the edges of their seats. Huntley was doing well with free throws, as they were earning many points that way. 

The third period ended with South in the lead by one point. 

“We got really careless with the ball in the second half,” Coach Collin Kalamatas said. “We had way too many turnovers, and those were turnovers that could have been avoided by being more fundamental with the ball and not allowing South to speed us up.” 

By the end of the fourth period, South kept adding on points slowly but surely just for the outcome of the game to be in South’s favor. Crystal Lake South won with a score of 60-51. 

Although the outcome of the game was not what many wanted it to be, there were still some things that Huntley did really well in the game. 

“We shot the ball really well in the first half of the game,” Kalamatas said. “Ethan Blackmore and Christian Wilson kept us in the game with their hot shooting. I also felt like we shared the ball really well, all of our guys were finding open teammates and putting each other in a good position to score.” 

With this loss in the back of the team’s minds, they will surely come back with a victory next time around.

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