“LOL” Directed by Lisa Azuelos

Kat Gorospe

By Kat Gorospe

In this remake of the 2008 film, Miley Cyrus plays 16-year-old Lola living in Chicago with her mom, Anne played by Demi Moore. Lola is a regular teenager learning to deal with friendship, guys, and family problems.

It was only screened at certain theaters, and I highly recommend watching it on DVD if you ever get your hands on it. I enjoyed the movie because it was easy to relate to and the actors played their roles well. The director focused on the aspects that made Chicago different from other cities and made you feel like you were downtown with the characters.

However, the actors who were hired to play teenage students looked too old and too mature. If you want people to play 16-year-olds, then hire 16-year-olds. Don’t go for people who are already in their early or mid 20s to go back and act younger than they are.

The plot was clear and the dialog between the characters was unique because it showed how teenagers now communicate through technology. I liked how they showed the Facebook conversations between Lola and her friends. While she is writing in her diary, you can hear her emotions as she reads what she is saying in her head. It really shows you Lola’s point of view.

3 Out Of 5 Stars