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Upcoming plans for the $39 million


In an economy that is far from booming, and with the state of Illinois being billions of dollars in debt, Consolidated School District 158 are starting to establish plans for what will happen with the $39 million they had received a couple of months ago.

The subject initially brought up by active community member Alan Scott in public comment during the regular Board of Education meeting. Altmayer discusses with the Board what can possibly be done with this grand sum of money.

Although the district should have gotten this check about nine years ago, the money can be definitely be used to better the school district and the community.

With this giant check in the bank, the district is making plans for when Huntley High School reaches 3,000 students approximately in 2017. Now in 2012, with 2,505 students enrolled, halls are crowded, teachers are sharing classrooms, and class sizes are growing when rooms are staying the same size.

The Huntley 3000 committee is working on ways they could use the money to add additions to the high school. Some ideas, but not decisions are adding a new classroom wing, more parking spots, and creating a field house.

Although Huntley 3000 is a few months out from making a proposal to the Board, they are actively meeting and deciding what can be done to better the learning experience at the high school.

Even though an expansion on the school would be useful, but according to Altmayer, they are also looking out for what is best for the community. The district is planning on helping taxpayers by abating part of their property taxes slowly.

“We are going to soften the blow [with property taxes] for the homeowners of the community,” said Altmayer.

Altmayer said that the money that they received from the state will help lower property taxes since there are more funds that can be balanced out with taxpayers’ money.

After the expansion is decided for and planned, the money left over from the check will be going to helping the taxpayers according to Altmayer.

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