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FVC Leadership Conference mojo’d up at Hampshire High School

The annual Fox Valley Leadership Conference was on Oct. 11. This cool fall morning started off bright and early at 7:30 a.m. when sophomore Leah Virzi joined around 14 other students from Huntley on a bus ride to Hampshire High School.

Huntley High School's most prominent leaders pose for a picture at Hampshire High School (photo courtesy of Michelle Caputi).
Huntley High School’s most prominent leaders pose for a picture at Hampshire High School (photo courtesy of Michelle Caputi).

Only having about 15 students from Huntley may not be a lot, but when there are 12 other schools, the new auditorium was packed with nearly 180 high school students. Thus, almost every burgundy seat was occupied by a student.

Virzi and the rest of the group arrived in Hampshire in about 20 minutes. With a quick tour of the high school on the way to the auditorium, students were awarded for their participation in this conference with white t-shirts that say “FVC Leadership Conference,” with the wording on the shirt matching the color of the high school you came from.

The conference made sure to waste no time, starting off with a speech that made sure the students remembered the catchphrase of the day, “mojo up”.

“They talked a lot about bullying, and how if someone knocks you down you just have to get right back up, and inspire to stay strong,” said Virzi.

As they gathered in the Central Gym, students were broken off into small groups in order to partake in leadership activities after the speeches were complete. These character building activities helped teach the students how to display leadership while getting to know other people.

After character building activities, students were able to go to the cafeteria where they could enjoy a slice of pizza while listening to the DJ from the 2013 Homecoming Dance.

The conference ended with a speech from former Bulls’s player, Bob Love, who talked about making sure to always stay true to yourself.

“I had a great time at the conference, and enjoyed interacting with the other schools,” said Virzi.


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