Music to my ears


J. Bednarczyk

By Danielle Rivera

As the first period bell roars throughout the halls on Aug. 21, 2013 many students hustle to their classes eager to begin the  new school year. Then as the two minute  bell sounds several stand in confusion while music is blaring from the intercom system.

As many of you may have realized, there has been a slight change with our usual passing periods. Instead of the two minute bell ringing to inform all students to hurry on to class, we are greeted with the intercoms playing music throughout the school. The sudden change threw off a vast majority of the student body at first since we are not accustomed to the music.

At first I was a bit skeptical about this , but as the days progressed I found myself enjoying the sweet tunes every now and then. “[The music is] a good addition to the school. It’s a lot of different varieties of music that they play so it’s really nice to be in the hallway and get a little bit of music throughout the day,” said junior Claudine Garcia.

J. Bednarczyk
J. Bednarczyk

The idea to begin running music was first thought of last year while the Justin Beiber donations were going on. Then the idea was again pushed forward by our new Principal, Scott Rowe, who went to Mark Loewe because he heard that Loewe was the man to talk to.

Rowe believed that the music would be an outstanding feature to add since he has worked at other high schools that have done the same thing. Rowe stressed to push the movement because he believed that it would add a component to the schools personality that he wanted to create.

“Is like our home. We spend so much time here. We want a place all students enjoy coming to,” said Rowe.

The idea was to be set in motion by Loewe, who happened to have a past with music. He was more than happy to contribute to this new act. Loewe went through his personal music as well as his daughter’s music to create a school appropriate playlist that consisted of 150 songs.

The playlist actually builds up as the school year goes on because of all the song submissions by students and teachers. If you are not familiar with Loewe, you can usually find him in front of the library during passing periods making sure that the music is running smoothly.

He is actually a very interesting man. In high school he worked for a local radio station, he has done the lighting for a rock band, and was a DJ in the early ‘80s. Later on he worked for a police department. He then continued to do radio mixes until 1996. What our school is doing is fun.

The idea is uplifting. It is actually a nice way to expand your spectrum of music and discover new bands without searching. I know that most of the students are still a bit unsure about this, but I am sure that as time goes on, a majority of the student body will warm up to this idea and begin to love during every passing period to listen to some tunes.