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Name: Ellie Nicolin

Grade: Sophomore

Sport(s) participating in: Poms

Why she won: She has worked so hard this year and has tremendously improved from when she first started. She never ever complains and always goes full out and follows directions. She is a hard worker.


Question: How long have you been dancing?

Answer: Five years


Question: What is your training like (How many days a week for how many hours)?

Answer: During our competition season we practice four-five days a week for two-thee hours, and sometimes on the weekend we would have four-six hour practices.


Question: Why do you dance?

Answer:  I dance because I enjoy it and because it makes me feel good about myself.


Question: How does it feel when you walk out onto the field at a football game?

Answer: The nerves start kicking in when there is 2 minutes before halftime and then they announce us on the field and I get so excited.


Question: What is your biggest accomplishment in your sport?

Answer:  We won five first place trophies this season.


Question: What is your biggest challenge?

Answer: The biggest challenge is probably working on my jazz skills because I came from a hip hop team and so I have been taking jazz classes to overcome this challenge.


Question: What is the best advice you have ever received?

Answer: The best advice I have ever received is to never give up and always keep trying.


Question: Who is your role model/hero?

Answer:  My role model is my coach because she always believes in me and knows I can do whatever I put my mind too.


Question: Were you surprised that you won athlete of the week?

Answer: Yes


Question: Do you compete with a private studio as well as doing poms at the high school?

Answer:  No


Question: What is your favorite style of dance?

Answer:  Hip hop



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