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5 Best Hangout Places at HHS

Lockers at Huntley High School (D. Martin).

5) Entrance Door 14

Many students walk through Door 14 every day. Whether it be parking in the student lots, or just being dropped off for school, Door 14 is a hangout spot that seems to slip a lot of people’s minds. The hallway that leads to Door 14 has much needed art that is created by fellow students at HHS, and also the long support beams that have the best artwork in them as well. So pull up a chair, people watch, and enjoy all that Door 14 has to offer.

4) LRC

Many students come to the LRC daily. Whether it be to work on homework, use the endless supply of computers, or just to socialize with friends, the LRC offers something for everyone. Right when you walk into the LRC, a sign that says welcome in many languages makes you feel right at home. As you walk further into the library, there are tables for working on the right (known as the collaboration area), and to the left is the quiet area for Raider Aid, or just studying. But all around you are books. So feel free to talk to friends, or get lost in a book at the LRC.

3) Locker Areas

This point might seem a little on the boring side, but it is where conversations flourish. Locker areas are located in all areas of HHS, and offer a variety of sights within the school. At the same time, it all comes down to socializing. So have no shame in sitting on the floor and starting an awesome conversation with friends.

2) Door 22 (PAC)

Just like Door 14, Door 22 has more sights than ever. As you walk into Door 22, a red carpet is lining in a straight line down the whole hallway, leading to a sense of the PAC, and the hard work that occurs there. Plus there is lots of art in the hallways from students’ past at HHS. But more importantly, this side of the school is completely quiet. So sit on the HHS labeled bench with friends, and catch up with each other.

1) Door 4

This area, out of all others, shines in miraculous ways. Door 4 offers a definite sight to admire as many students walk up and down the stairwell every day. But the thing is that as students turn to go up the stairwell, they get a glimpse of the American and HHS flag blowing in the breeze to an endless supply of cars coming into the school. Now this area can be crowded during school hours, but during before school hours, this area is deserted. So feel free to sit down, admire the view, and enjoy what HHS has to offer.

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