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Students plan to leave their mark on the school through art


From the beach scene with an octopus and a fish, to the anime clips, and even the ceramic tiles, the pole decorations are a tradition in Huntley. The poles are designed and decorated by the students themselves.

Senior Alicia Gawronski noticed the empty pole in front of the ceramics room and decided to leave her own mark on the school. So, she recruited the help of senior Logan Ganassin.

In the end, they had a grand plan for what they wanted to do.

“Alicia and I wanted to find a way to leave our mark,” said Ganassin.

The duo began to paint the pole about two weeks ago. So far they have the background, stars, galaxies, and the darkness of space, completed. They decided on an outer space theme due to Ganassin’s interest in the topic.

However, the pole’s design requires more than just the backdrop. The two decided  to create some little creatures to go into space. They wanted the students to think, ‘Wow, how did they think of that?’

Ganassin and Gawronski wanted to create something that was different from the normal. They decided to put the little creatures on the pole so that it was wacky and goofy.

“We tried to do something weird, something that will stand out,” said Ganassin.

This is the first things the two seniors have done in the school, but so far they have left a good mark. Therefore, they have achieved their end goal. Most of the students who walk past are interested in the new design; it definitely causes some genuine interest from these students.

Ganassin himself is definitely glad he did it.

“For now, I love [the pole] the way it is,” said Ganassin.

Gawronski is satisfied in the design as well. “I really like how this is turning out,” said Gawronski.

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