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“Don’t Be That Person”… Who Refuses To Do Their Part in a Group Project

A group project usually mean that people are working together to complete a task. However, that rarely ever happens. There’s always that one or maybe even two group members who refuse to do any work. Don’t be that person. 

Sometimes group projects can be fun, but many would disagree. At some point in your life you will get stuck in a group with someone who does not do any work or maybe you’re even that person. It’s called a group project, not ‘let one person do all the work’ project.

Knowing whether you’re in a group with someone who refuses to do the work or classifying yourself as that person is quite simple. Ask yourself, have I completed an equal amount of work? Do I actually talk to my group members? Do I even know what this project is about?

If you answered ‘yes’ to those three questions, then congratulations you are a reliable member of the group. If you answered ‘no’ to all the questions, then you’re probably the one who doesn’t do any work at all. Don’t be that person.

You could probably care less about whether or not you’re the group member who doesn’t do any work. Now, your partners on the other hand, may have a different opinion. They certainly don’t appreciate doing your half of the work. Nothing is worse than you not doing any work, but still putting your name on the project.

If you no longer want to be the person who refuses to do any work then follow these steps to break that terrible habit. Step one, do an equal amount of work. Step two, talk to your group members. Step three, actually know what the project is about.

Projects are stressful in general. Group projects are even more stressful. Now, add in a person who never does any work. Now you have a lifetime worth of stress.

To remain stress free and to not annoy anyone in your class don’t be that person who refuses to do work in group projects.

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