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Princess Winnifred (played by senior Anna Skala) making eye contact with the audience as she is acting. (K. Troy)

A happily ever after for the cast of ‘Once Upon A Mattress’

By Jen Gordus
April 23, 2018

nce upon a time, the students of Huntley High School worked endless hours prepping for one of the most important nights of their lives. They have spent...

Dont be that person who trusts their horoscope

Don’t be that person who trusts their horoscope

By Jen Gordus
April 17, 2018

Constellations pattern the sky creating stories in the form of stars. Twelve specific constellations hold a great power over mundane humans persuading...

Photo taken by Jen Gordus

Don’t be that person who trusts Buzzfeed quizzes

By Jen Gordus
March 12, 2018

here are a number of people who live and breathe Buzzfeed, especially the quizzes. I am one of those people. While Buzzfeed is famous for their entertaining...

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The Unpredictable “Red Sparrow”

By Jen Gordus
March 5, 2018

There have been many iconic spy movies over the years, from the classic James Bond to the more recent British spies known as Kingsmen. This action filled...

The 15:17 to Paris was not made for the big screen

The 15:17 to Paris was not made for the big screen

By Jen Gordus
February 21, 2018

On Aug. 21, 2015, more than 500 passengers were aboard a train bound for Paris. Among these passengers were three friends who are now recognized as heroes....

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Don’t be that person who obsesses over Valentine’s Day

By Jen Gordus
February 11, 2018

rimson colored roses bundled together with a bow, cheap assortments of chocolates fitted into a heart-shaped box, pink stuffed bears with button noses,...

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Don’t be that person who wears denim on denim

By Jen Gordus
January 18, 2018

A pitch black cotton shirt paired with faded with age black jeans. There is about a half shade difference between these two, but it’s noticeable and...

Juniors Christina Giorgi, Kate Urosevich, Deepti Pavithran, and Allison Carmody clap as a tournament champion is announced

Huntley Hosts Winter Classic Speech Tournament

By Jen Gordus
January 7, 2018

Individuals dressed in black blend together as they file off the yellow school buses into the noisy cafeteria. Voices blend together, echoing clicks of...

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Don’t be that person who spoils the truth about Santa Claus

By Jen Gordus
December 6, 2017

ights twinkle on the tree illuminating the darkness, cookies and milk reside by the fireplace, and children sleep in their beds waiting for Santa Claus...

Some students eating after getting their blood drawn. (J. Gordus)

HHS’s first blood drive of the school year

By Jen Gordus
November 19, 2017

Huntley High School students and staff participated in the Student Council Blood Drive sponsored by Lifesource on Nov. 16. For the past five years, Student...

Courtesy of Jen Gordus

Don’t Be That Person Who Forgets About Thanksgiving

By Jen Gordus
November 3, 2017

he smell of pine fills the air, twinkling lights shine against the freshly fallen snow, wood crackles on the fire, and Thanksgiving is completely forgotten....

Freshmen Sarah Emmel, Kyra Monterroso, and Iniya Murugasamy  cheer on their fellow teammates (J. Gordus)

Speech Team Suits Up for a New Season

By Jen Gordus
October 28, 2017

A growing buzz fills the cafeteria as students from several different schools file in. People clicking pens hunched over filling out ballots. Individuals...

“Don’t Be That Person”… Who Refuses To Do Their Part in a Group Project

By Jen Gordus
October 4, 2017

group project usually mean that people are working together to complete a task. However, that rarely ever happens. There’s always that one or maybe...

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