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Don’t be that person who trusts their horoscope


Constellations pattern the sky creating stories in the form of stars. Twelve specific constellations hold a great power over mundane humans persuading them to believe they can tell the future. These constellations, better known as zodiac signs, seem to represent a person depending on which month of the year they were born.

Everyone knows that fortune tellers are phonies, but for some reason, people are open to the idea of the alignment of the stars telling them fortunes. Well, one is free and the other not so much. Whether you claim to believe them or not, don’t be that person who trusts their horoscopes.

“I’ll look up my daily horoscope and use that to motivate me for the day,” freshman Donna Fondjo said. “It’s not so much that I believe in them but I find it interesting.” If your horoscope tells you that you might be getting a life-changing phone call, you’re going to think every phone call you answer is life changing.

In desperate times a good chunk of us turn to our star signs for words of wisdom. That’s understandable, but it seems a little absurd to base relationships of the compatibility of your sign with someone else’s.

“I just think that the month you were born in doesn’t say anything about who you are,” freshman Jenna Bengtson said.” Horoscopes most likely can’t determine what type of personality you have, but you might change your personality based on your sign subconsciously. No matter what, almost all of us trust or relate to our horoscopes at some point in our lives.

“I low key believe in horoscopes because some of the things they say actually affect me,” sophomore Tommy Taylor said. We are all guilty of low key believing in our horoscopes, but it’s not in our best interest.

Whether you’re a Scorpio, Libra, Leo or Virgo constellations are not the most reliable source when it comes to life choices. Just because a horoscope says a Taurus can’t stand a Pisces doesn’t mean all Taurus should be annoyed with all Pisces. No matter what your sign or how accurate you think your horoscope is, don’t be that person who trusts their horoscope.  

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