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The Unpredictable “Red Sparrow”

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There have been many iconic spy movies over the years, from the classic James Bond to the more recent British spies known as Kingsmen. This action filled genre never seems to get old and leaves us trying to break the code as to how the movie ends and “Red Sparrow” is much different in the sense of unpredictability.

Dominika Egorova is the pride of Russia in the world of ballet until an unfortunate ‘accident’ turns her once pleasant dreams into an unending nightmare. With her dancing days over and her mother’s worsening condition, Dominika turns to her uncle for help, which leads her straight to a special intelligence school called Sparrow.

While the opening of the film was well planned with the movie switching back and forth between the prima ballerina and the American CSI agent who will later play a significant role in Dominika’s life, the middle dragged out and became confusing. However, by the end of the film, the fog cleared and all was revealed.

Jennifer Lawrence’s portrayal of the Russian spy did not disappoint and was definitely much different from her famous role of Katniss Everdeen.

Instead of being trained for the Hunger Games, Sparrows are trained to seduce and gain the trust of their targets to obtain information for their government. Otherwise known as weapons of mass destruction and seduction.

The CSI agent Nathaniel Nash, played by Joel Edgerton, wasn’t as interesting of a character. The American agent too easily trusted a Russian spy he just met, but every Romeo wants to find his Juliet.

Based on the trailers I thought this movie would just be a copied version of Marvel’s Black Widow story due to the fact that it was about a ballerina who was apart of Russian spy program named after a color and animal. It was nothing like the Black Widow story.

There wasn’t just one storyline to this movie, there wasn’t just one mission that this spy needed to complete, and there was no way I could’ve predicted how the movie would end.

This isn’t just another spy movie and it definitely wasn’t a love story. It’s a woman whose career was taken from her and needed money to help her mom. She did whatever she could to take her life back into her hands.

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