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The Unpredictable “Red Sparrow”

By Jen Gordus
March 5, 2018

There have been many iconic spy movies over the years, from the classic James Bond to the more recent British spies known as Kingsmen. This action filled...

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The game has just begun

By Laura Pilat
November 23, 2013
"Catching Fire" is an action-packed success that leaves fans excited and ready for the next movie in "The Hunger Games" series.

HHS students participate in a “Hunger Games” fan fiction

By Katherine Enciso
March 25, 2012
Senior Jade Strong developed HHS's own form of the Hunger Games. Several students created their own characters which were later put through the games and ended with one winner.
myVoice: The Hunger Games truly irresistible

myVoice: “The Hunger Games” truly irresistible

By Kayla Garcia
March 24, 2012

Based on the most highly sought out book of the new era, The Hunger Games slammed theaters on Friday the 23 and has become what can easily be called...

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