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HHS students participate in a “Hunger Games” fan fiction

Senior Jade Strong, developer of HHS's "Hunger Games Fan Fare", talks with the others involved (K. Enciso).

The “Hunger Games” phenomenon has reached the HHS Book Club and manifested itself as a school-wide fan fiction being written by senior Jade Strong.

When freshman Katie Haddad suggested the idea, Strong immediately volunteered to take on the endeavor. With a total of 24 characters submitted-the same number of competitors from the book-Strong revealed the plot at the book club’s “The Hunger Games” release party, held in the library on March 22.

All students were invited to submit characters; several English teachers even offered extra credit to those who participated. Character profile sheets were distributed in the library and only accepted through March 1. All character bios were turned in to the library staff in order to maintain anonymity and remove any bias from the written work.

“I thought it was really interesting to get all these characters because they were all really well-developed,” said Strong. “Over time I became attached and now I know them by name and know random facts about them.”

Throughout the writing process, she would post characters’ progress through Facebook updates.

“It’s really cool to see if you live or die,” said Book Club President Jess Glass.

Character profiles ranged from basic physical descriptions and personalities to much more detailed attributes such as fears, lifestyles, and something or other. But before receiving any knowledge of any character, Strong carefully constructed the obstacle course in which her characters would compete so that the setting was fairly and firmly set in stone.

“I didn’t want the story to be manipulated by any character” said Strong.

The fan fiction concluded with senior Lauren York’s character being the last survivor.

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