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Don’t be that person who obsesses over Valentine’s Day

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Crimson colored roses bundled together with a bow, cheap assortments of chocolates fitted into a heart-shaped box, pink stuffed bears with button noses, and of course little paper cards that contain the cheesiest quotations known to mankind.

In the middle of February, comes the day of division between the lovers and the haters. Valentine’s Day is a day of love for a significant other or for the tub of ice cream waiting in your fridge. Either way, don’t be that person who obsesses over Valentine’s Day.

“Some of us don’t have a Valentine, so seeing all these couples makes me want to go home and eat a tub of ice cream,” sophomore Zyana Cola said.

While some people obsess over what they should do to celebrate the holiday others will obsess over what they are not doing and most likely reside in the comfort of their couches. You may be the lucky one to be hit by Cupid’s arrow or maybe you are the one who will not be so lucky, but either way, there is no need to obsess over the day of love.

“All these couples are being all gooey and it’s disgusting,” sophomore Josh Zerkel said.

There is no need to be upset with those who enjoy it, but in the end what is the point of this heart-filled day?

Buying someone roses doesn’t have to be done on special occasions, sappy cards can be given on any random Tuesday, and binge watching shows on Netflix is something done on the daily. The title of ‘Valentine’s Day’ is simply just an excuse to do something special or to wallow in the single life. Whoever said Valentine’s Day was solely dedicated to romance?

“I go out with my friends,” sophomore Grace Kalischefksi said. “I don’t need a man.”

Back in elementary school, Feb. 14 was known as the day that little kids brought in glittered tissue boxes and silly little cards stuck to candy. Whether you celebrate with a significant other, friends, or by yourself, there’s no need to obsess over this particular day. Don’t be that person who obsesses over Valentine’s Day.

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