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Don’t Be That Person Who Forgets About Thanksgiving

Courtesy of Jen Gordus

The smell of pine fills the air, twinkling lights shine against the freshly fallen snow, wood crackles on the fire, and Thanksgiving is completely forgotten. Poor Thanksgiving, it is the middle child of all holidays.

On Oct. 31 everyone stuffs their faces with candy and throws together last minute costumes. Then on Nov. 1 everywhere you look you see Christmas decorations. All you hear is Christmas music and everyone feels the need to celebrate Christmas for two whole months.

Don’t be that person who forgets about Thanksgiving. “I don’t skip over Thanksgiving, I just celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving together,” sophomore Jackie Knebl said. Well, Thanksgiving is its own individual holiday and in its case, sharing is not caring.

Christmas is the favorite child of all holidays and tends to hog all the attention. Thanksgiving may not be the grandest of all holidays, but it still deserves some form of acknowledgment. After Thanksgiving, everyone can celebrate Christmas to their heart’s content.

Thanksgiving isn’t all that bad. It may not be as spooky as Halloween or as festive as Christmas, but it still deserves its time in the spotlight. “Thanksgiving is an excuse to eat a bunch of food,” junior Shay Castelino, “I could never skip over it.”

Thanksgiving may not be as glamorous as all the other holidays, but that doesn’t mean you should just ignore it. “Christmas is happier and prettier,” sophomore Jessica Cannizzo said, “and the music is just too good to wait.”

Thanksgiving may not have endless albums of music, but it does have a song by Adam Sandler. Celebrating the turkey season may not be as grand as it seems, but it still has its perks. Endless food, spending time with family, and lots of pie are just a few festivities.

Thanksgiving deserves some form of celebration or at least some form of gratitude. Afterall, ‘thanks’ is right in the name. There is so much to be thankful for and the holiday itself deserves more of it.

Christmas is a fantastic holiday, but that doesn’t mean Thanksgiving should be forgotten, so don’t be that person who forgets about Thanksgiving.


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