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Don’t be that person who trusts Buzzfeed quizzes

Photo taken by Jen Gordus

There are a number of people who live and breathe Buzzfeed, especially the quizzes. I am one of those people. While Buzzfeed is famous for their entertaining quizzes, it doesn’t mean they’re exactly accurate. We are all guilty of trusting the results of the Buzzfeed quizzes, but I will still give you this warning; Don’t be that person who trusts Buzzfeed quizzes.

This famous website has been around for quite some time now and 7.8 quizzes are made each day, which means more time we get to waste trying to find out what our breakfast choices say about the most attractive physical trait. We all can’t help but trust the results no matter how dumb they sound.

“I love Buzzfeed quizzes,” sophomore Jessica Cannizzo said. “But that doesn’t stop me from being like, ‘that’s so me.”’ We all say “I relate’’ or explain out a “Me!” in a high pitched squeal to literally everything even when don’t really relate at all.”

Buzzfeed quizzes totally make us feel like we are one with the universe even though there are only about five results possible. Buzzfeed is basically the fortune teller of the internet especially if you find a quiz on horoscopes.

“I trust the results of the ones made by a Buzzfeed editor, but not a random person, as dumb as it sounds,” sophomore Olivia Mack said. Going onto this hypnotizing website can be very dangerous. It’s basically a black hole that sucks you into another black hole.

Once you start you can’t stop. It’s literally addicting, but it’s 2018 where technology is everywhere and procrastinating teenagers are, too. All you have to do is put two and two together and you have a successful business. After all, everyone believes what they hear on the internet.

“I know they’re not accurate, but you can’t help but feel they are,” sophomore Kateleen Gellangarin said.

Buzzfeed is probably one the greatest wastes of time to ever exists, but to save all of you from the tragic realization of how you probably will not be a brain surgeon based on your favorite dog breeds, I will just come right out and say don’t be that person who trusts Buzzfeed quizzes.


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