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Don’t be that person who wears denim on denim

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A pitch black cotton shirt paired with faded with age black jeans. There is about a half shade difference between these two, but it’s noticeable and it just looks off. A horizontally striped shirt placed underneath an oversized flannel with clashy lines or an acid washed jean jacket with rips and rolled cuffs paired with some light wash skinny jeans just doesn’t seem right either.

There should be a rule book out there in the world that tells you what not to wear. Residing within the top 10 should be something along the lines of “don’t be that person who wears denim on denim.”

“You can’t wear denim jeans with a denim jacket,” sophomore Ayja Chism said. “Black denim jeans and a regular denim jacket is fine though.” Everyone has these little pet peeves when it comes to fashion.

Whether it be socks and sandals, striped shirts, khakis that make you look like a State Farm agent or white pants. Not every pair can be as magical as chocolate and peanut butter, which is something you definitely don’t want to end up on those white joggers.

“White pants are never fully white,” sophomore Christine Becker said. “Your pants are going to be stained within five seconds.” White pants, shoes, or shirts aren’t really things people need to stop wearing, but it definitely is an article of clothing that needs to come with a manual labeled “How to Keep Clean.”

People can wear whatever they want and express themselves however they please, but some things need to be put on a ship and wished Bon Voyage.

“Certain people can pull off things like denim on denim,” sophomore Madison Wood said. “But that’s rare.” Being the exception to something of these questionable fashion looks are as rare as winning the lottery.

From slight color differences like navy blue and black to something more noticeable as black a brown. From patterned leggings to patterns that should be left in the ‘80s there are always going to be flaws in fashion, but don’t be that person who wears denim on denim.

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