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Humans of Huntley | Sal Sciascia

(E. Kindl)

This is senior Sal Sciascia.

He lives and breathes as an outgoing, friendly, and open person. Sciascia loves to skateboard and believes that it helps calm him, overall contributing to the laid-back aspect of his character. His friends are a deep part of who he is and mean everything to him next to his family.

Because of their dumb and fun temperament, his favorite animal is the large, black-and-white, sweet ball of fuzz known as the panda bear. He loves fall and his mother’s chicken pilaf. Every single morning Sciascia listens to “Sleeping In,” by Phil Good, to kick-start his day. He is a sucker for older movies, especially those with the legendary Jim Carrey, Sciascia’s favorites being “The Mask” and “Liar Liar” both released in the ‘90s.

One of Sciascia’s deepest interests is in World War II, as in the particulars of the actual war rather than what took place behind the scenes. He claims that it is what drives him to learn more and become more receptive of the knowledge it has to offer. Sciascia plays a World War II-based video game that involves the historical tanks used in the actual era.

In addition to telling me a little bit about himself, Sciascia chose and answered a question he believed important to answer: do you believe our world today is a better or worse place than it was when you were a kid? Watch the video above to see his response.

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